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Korean skin care

Korean skin care products are unique in the beauty industry.

The holistic Korean beauty philosophy behind skin care focuses on improving the skin from the inside out. Korean skin care is steeped in natural ingredients and knowledge is passed down from generations. The special technique concentrates on maintaining healthy, hydrated and nourished skin that lasts a lifetime.

Korean skincare is known for its 10 steps that help you achieve youthful and beautiful skin.

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Korean skin care - an investment in the future

Korean skin care, also known as K-beauty or Korean skincare, has many names, but the effect is the same: you achieve beautiful and healthy skin with a youthful glow that is here to stay. Whole life.

When it comes to Korean skin care, there is also a holistic approach to the skin care routine. The entire routine is based on a beauty philosophy in which the skin is cared for and improved from the inside out. It is therefore a routine that strengthens the skin and creates long-lasting results. Therefore, you will never be able to find a quick fix among Korean skin care products, as they all work in symbiosis and reinforce each other, with the same result in the long run.

Korean skincare is built around 10 steps. You will of course find all products for every single step at K-Lab-Beauty .

A Korean skin care routine invites contemplation and tranquility, precisely because of the many steps that create the framework for your regular routine every day. Your daily routine with Korean skin care products will, after a little while, suddenly be a respite from everyday life with time and focus on self-pampering. A time just for you and your well-being—and not least, an investment in the future of your skin.

Your skin changes over time, and if you don't take care of it, it will lose its glow and elasticity and develop fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches. Korean skincare is the antidote to the ravages of time. The special technique concentrates on strengthening the skin from within, which helps to maintain healthy and strong skin where hydration and nutrition are allowed to work deep and give the skin a youthful glow.

Korean skin care can be used on the whole body, but it is the face in particular that is of great importance. Therefore, it is also important that you give yourself the time the routine takes and allow yourself to be immersed in the result of healthy skin.


Korean skincare routine - the 10 steps

These are the 10 steps that create the framework for a Korean skincare routine .Together, the steps create a complete process where all the products work together to create the results. It may sound like a lot, and some will be completely out of breath when they read about the many steps—but believe us, it's all worth it!

We can comfort you in the fact that the 10 steps in Korean skin care do not necessarily have to be done every single day. A step is, for example, a mask, which can be used a few times a week. It may also be that you choose to use only serum rather than both serum and essence. But it is worth pointing out that Korean skin care clearly gives the most beautiful and long-lasting results if all steps are followed and are part of your routine.

  1. Oil-based cleansing product - a superficial cleanser
    Now, if you ask an expert in Korean skin care, they will probably tell you that this is the most important step. This is because it is the best way to clean away all the excess makeup and dirt, which is what gives you clogged pores and impure skin.

  2. Water-based cleansing product - the deep clean. Once you've cleaned off the excess makeup and dirt, the water-based cleanser can do better. This provides a deeper clean and removes any residue left after the first step.

  3. Exfoliation - removes dead skin cells
    Exfoliation is an important part, as the process helps to remove the dead skin cells and excess sebum so that the skin gets a nice glow and looks radiant. Exfoliation also provides healthy skin that can absorb your skin care products better. As part of a Korean skin care regimen, you should exfoliate at least 1-2 times a week.

  4. Toner - balance and nourishment.
    Many choose to skip this step, but it's actually not a very wise thing to do. Your toner helps your skin prepare for the next steps so that it can better absorb the good ingredients.

  5. Essence- regenerates skin cells.

    The essence consists of a number of active ingredients that help with anti-aging and therefore contribute to a youthful glow and supple, healthy skin.
    Are you busy? You can skip the essence in the Korean skin care routine, but not every day.

  6. Serum - for specific skin problems.
    A serum puts the finishing touches on your K-beauty skincare routine. It's like a spa treatment in a bottle. Here, you tailor your skin care to the specific issues you want to address. This can be, for example, fine lines, dark pigment spots, hyper-pigmentation, or skin impurities. The serum is one of the Korean skin care products you should never skip.

  7. Sheet masks - boost and create bonding in the skin
    One of the absolute most popular products in Korean skin care. They are easier and more affordable to use, unlike traditional masks that have to be spread over the face.
    A sheet mask is made of cotton or hydrogel material that is soaked in essences or serums with active ingredients.
    Don't worry; you don't need to use the mask every single day.

  8. Eye cream - for the delicate eye areas
    Korean skin care goes all the way when it comes to skin care. This also applies to the delicate skin around the eyes, which requires special care. The skin is thinner and more sensitive, while at the same time it requires special attention to counteract fine lines and wrinkles.

  9. Face cream - the protective layer
    Moisture, moisture, moisture. Korean skincare offers plenty of it, and for good reason. Your skin needs good moisture to stay healthy and supple. So, as one of the final steps in a Korean skin care regimen, you should always use a good face cream.

  10. Sunscreen - protects against the harmful sun
    Last, but certainly not least! The sunscreen. You've heard it before, but you'll hear it again. Now remember the sunscreen. In fact, this is not just an important step in a Korean skin care routine , but actually as part of the daily routine for everyone.
    The sun's rays are harmful to your skin and cause it to age faster. Protect your skin from UV rays, and your skin will stay beautiful for many years.

Phew, you got through. It may take many steps, but it is well worth it in the end if you want beautiful and healthy skin.

K-beauty is natural skin care

Korean skin care products are quite special. They not only care from the inside out, provide beautiful and healthy skin with a healthy glow, and directly help with your skin problems, but they are also natural skin care.
K-beauty products are based on ingredients that you already find in nature, where the ingredients create visible results.

Ingredients that you find in natural skin care can be, for example

  • Rice
  • Green tea
  • Propolis
  • Matcha
  • Collagen
  • Snail mucin
  • Aloe vera
  • And much more

The natural ingredients in Korean skin care are gentle and mild on your skin.

Korean skincare is based on many deep traditions and advanced technology. In fact, it is estimated that the manufacturers of Korean skin care products are approximately 10 years ahead of what we are in the west.

Did you know that skin care is not the only thing you can get at K-Lab Beauty? You will also find a wide selection of products for Korean hair care that give the locks new life and a healthy shine.