Koreansk hudpleje guide: Gør Dig Bekendt med Koreansk Skønhedspleje

Vi ved at der er mange produkter derude og så mange trin i den koreanske rutine, at det hele kan føles meget overvældende.


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Where to start?

We know there are many products out there and many steps in the Korean routine that it can all feel very overwhelming.

Where should you start? What kind of products should you start with? Do you need to do a double cleanse? Should you start with all ten steps? How should you get started?

It is okay! We are here to help.

Some may find it complicated to go through 10 steps for their morning and evening skin care routines, but ten steps is by no means an absolute rule. You can adapt it to your own routine by incorporating the steps you need and see fit.

To achieve good skin, you need to know your skin type and which products suit you, as every skin is different. It's about more than just the number of products you use - it's about using the right products and applying them in the right order.

We encourage you to try the products one at a time as you fit them into your current routine. If your routine works well for you in five steps, then we encourage you to stick with it! Everyone's skin is different and we want the best for your skin.

Have fun creating a routine that's best for you!

The 10 steps

1. Oil-based cleanser

Oil-based cleaning was popular in Asia long before it was known in Europe. Apply to dry skin and wash off. The goal of this first step is to remove makeup and any other oil-based product residue, such as sunscreen and makeup.

2. Water-based cleanser

Combine steps one and two to achieve a double cleanse. While step one is more about removing makeup, switching to a foaming face wash (which is water-based) can remove dirt and sweat plus any residual dirt that may still be left on your skin. If your skin is not completely clean, steps three through ten will not be as effective. Unlike step one, a foaming cleanser is applied to wet skin and rinsed off.

3. Exfoliation

Not only does this step help unclog clogged pores (and keep them clean), it also removes the dead skin cells that can build up on the top layer of your skin, leaving it dull, lackluster, and less radiant. In the Korean skincare routine, it is done 2-3 times a week.

4. Toners

After double cleansing and then exfoliating, your skin is probably ready for some nourishment, so in this case, toners act as a way to add moisture to the skin and help prepare it for what's to come. (Because after all, there are still six steps left.)

5. Essence

This step is really significant in the Korean skin care routine. A skin that delivers just the lightest amount of hydration instantly leaves your skin soft and supple, ready for heavier moisturizers and other skincare products.

6. Serum / Ampoule

Still with us? Now that your skin is properly cleansed and prepared, it's time for the hard part. This is when serums, ampoules or boosters come into play and this is when specific problems are targeted. It could be redness or hyperpigmentation or fine lines, but the treatment used here is chosen specifically to address that specific problem.

7. Sheet Mask

You might use a mask once a week, as part of your Sunday self-care. In the Korean beauty routine. Masks are a daily occurrence; the formula is once again chosen based on a specific skin care need you are trying to address. If you don't have time, you can do it 2-3 times a week.

8. Eye cream

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on the body, making it the most susceptible to damage and where signs of aging tend to appear first. This is also where you will typically notice the benefits of the treatments you use. Our recommendation is to use a multitasking formula that addresses multiple concerns: puffiness, visible fine lines, dark circles. Instead of brushing it on, gently press it with your finger. The thin skin here is super fine, so you don't have to pull on it.

9. Moisturizer

The end is near! Hydration is of utmost importance to keep your skin looking and feeling - youthful and hydrated. A dedicated face cream is super important! Gel formulas are a favorite in the K-beauty ritual as they absorb quickly, making them a great option to use under SPF and makeup, and also leave the skin with a lovely radiance and glow.

10. Sun protection

You know how Korean skin almost always looks flawless? While you can attribute some of this to this (very extensive) 10-step process we just went through, the importance of this last step simply cannot be understated. Using sunscreen regularly is one of the biggest differences between Korean and European skin care rituals, so follow their advice and make sure to use a broad spectrum with at least a factor 30 every day, rain or shine.


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